At Home Classes


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In Home CEU Study Courses available from VMRC – These are articles you read then take a quiz.

The following courses are available for 2 CEUs, the cost is $15.00 per person per topic.
For a copy of the article. email Victoria Beckum at and she will email you the article and quiz free of charge. Please be sure to indicate which topic(s).
Once you have completed the quiz, return the quiz and a check for $15.00 per person per quiz. It will be graded within approximately 2 weeks and a certificate will be mail to you.


  1. Down syndrome
  2. Cerebral Palsy-Diagnosis and Management
  3. Seizure Disorders
  4. Sexual Exploitation of the Developmentally Disabled
  5. Preparing Nutritious Meals
  6. Medication Administration
  7. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Alcohol Related Birth Deficits

Additional Trainings on CD-Rom  for computer use (this is not a DVD)


Mail in a check payable to VMRC for each rental of the CD-Rom(s). Be sure to include the name of the topic(s) you want to rent. You will also receive a copy of the PowerPoint handout to follow along with, and the test.
Once you have reviewed the presentation and completed the test, return the CD-ROM and test. It will be graded and within approximately 2 weeks a certificate will be mailed to you. The grading and certificates for the Rights class will take approximately 30 days.


1. Rights 3 CEUs $25.00
2. Abuse Detection, Prevention and Notification 3 CEUs $25.00
3. Signs and Symptoms of lliness or Injury 3 CEUs $25.00
4. How to Be Culturally Responsive 1 CEUs $15.00
5. The 5 Rights for Medications 2 CEUs $20.00
6. Person Centered Planning 2 CEUs $20.00


 Contact Carrie Vasquez at 955-3219 if you have questions.