Directors Travels

Monday April 1, 2019

I’ll be hosting an all-day professional development conference with the leadership of the Coalition of Local Area Service Providers (CLASP) called “AcknowledgementWorks … an inspirational training day for anyone responsible for supporting and or motivating staff, volunteers, consumers, and colleagues”

Tuesday April 2, 2019

Our VMRC managers will be participating in a daylong training session, similar to the CLASP event the day before, with Chris Littlefield with the aim of learning more about building and maintaining a culture of engagement at VMRC, which is one of our focus areas for staff development.

Wednesday April 3, 2019

Mary Sheehan (VMRC Clinical Director), Angela Njoroge (VMRC Nurse Manager), and I will be attending the San Joaquin Community Health Leadership breakfast featuring county government officials for Health, Homelessness, Behavioral Health, and Violence Prevention.

VMRC Transition team leaders will be hosting a Transition Fair for high school students to learn more about community services and supports after high school. The fair will be in the Cohen Board room in the Stockton office from 9 am to 1pm.

Angie Shear, VMRC Project Manager, has organized our participation for the 2019 ARCA Grassroots day in Sacramento. Our team consists of the following: Mohamed Rashid visiting Assembly Member Heath Flora and Senator Andreas Borgeas; and Candice Bright, Lynda Mendoza, and Anthony Hill visiting Assembly Member Susan Talamantes Eggman and Senator Cathleen Galgiani.

I’ll be meeting with John Joyner, Project2, for a status report on the website and other information technology projects.

Mary Sheehan and I will be participating in a DDS hosted meeting to discuss the Rate Study and the impact on Early Start services.

The VMRC Executive Committee, chaired by Tom Bowe, President, will be meeting at 5:30 pm in the Cohen Board Room. For details check out the committee page at:

Thursday April 4, 2019

DDS will be hosting a meeting of the Risk Management and Planning teams in the regional center system at the Regional Center of the East Bay for a half day status meeting.

Mary Sheehan will be hosting a mandatory all-day training for our Early Start staff in the Cohen Board room.

I’ll be participating in monthly meeting with our VMRC Social Media team to review the status of our engagement policies for each social media platform and review the outcomes and activities of the individual platforms.

Friday April 5, 2019

I’ll be participating in an onboarding orientation for new VMRC staff in the community training room at the Stockton office.

I’ll be attending the sold out Choices Conference at the San Joaquin Office of Education and providing welcoming remarks and introducing officials.