Medical Waiver / Deeming Waiver

Medicaid Waiver is a federally funded program that pays for some regional center services. Most regional center consumers are eligible to participate in the Medicaid Waiver program, but in some cases, a consumer’s individual circumstances may not fit within program requirements.

A beneficial aspect of the Medicaid Waiver program for consumers who are children, is health insurance coverage through Medi-Cal. This program amendment known as “Katie Beckett Wavier” or the “Deeming Waiver” is the end result of a successful court petition, nearly 27 years ago , by a parent advocate. This parent challenged the status quo at that time, “children with developmental disabilities living in the family home were restricted access to Medi-Cal health insurance, if parent income was above Medi-Cal program requirements”.

Under current rules, when a child is enrolled in the Medicaid Waiver program, parent income is not a factor in the Medi-Cal benefit determination process. Only the child’s income is applicable.

If you are interested in Medi-Cal health insurance coverage for your child through the Medicaid Waiver program, please contact Soledad-Gutierrez-Cabral (209) 955-3325,  Mary Duncan (209) 955-3635, Megan Riddle (209) 955-3617 or Shireen Farsi (209) 955-3353.