Services Coordination

Once eligibility for services is established, and specific areas of need are identified, the consumer, whether an infant, school-aged child, adolescent or adult is assigned a Service Coordinator (Case Manager or CPC) who will assist the consumer and family in developing a written service plan. For 0-3 year olds, it is called an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP), for older children and adults it is called an Individual Program Plan (IPP). The Service Coordinator will help the consumer and family implement and monitor the plan, review progress, and be available for consultation should circumstances change or new or different services be indicated. Consumers and families have contact with their Service Coordinator at least once every year and more often if needed.


At VMRC, consumers are assigned to the Service Coordinators in a particular unit primarily on the basis of age. In this way our Service Coordinators can become experts in the unique needs, resources, and service options for young children, older children, and adults. There is a great deal of information to be processed and maintained, and it is difficult for one person to develop expertise without this kind of specialization.